Thursday, October 1, 2009

up and walking!

Austin seems to be feeling a little bit better than earlier today. He was able to get up and do some walking this evening! He looks great!

Please join us in continuing to pray for Austin. His heart rate is slightly elevated tonight, and again, they're assuming its caused by some of the medications he is on, but please pray that he'll be able to rest well tonight regardless of the elevated heart rate. Pray that he will continue to show signs of improvement tonight and be able to move to a regular room tomorrow! Pray Andy & Heather will rest well tonight and be ready for a new day tomorrow.

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MarleneSB said...

This is wonderful news. We have been following Austin's journey this week and praying for him over in England. Our little grandson Max (also 4) will have exactly the same procedure done on 12th October and we pray too that his operation goes as well. Thank you so much for the frequent updates.