Friday, August 29, 2008


Hey, prayer warriors... we need your prayers! Austin is sick with pneumonia. He isn't being hospitalized (as of now), but is needing your prayers as he fights this with antibiotics and rest. His white blood cell count is also very high, higher than the doctor wants to see it, so join us in praying that it'll come down over the weekend. Also, pray that the pneumonia won't put too much stress on his heart, and he'll recover well.

Stay tuned for updates after a follow up appointment on Tuesday. Thank you!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Its BACK-2-SCHOOL time!!!

Andy, Heather, and Austin have moved back to Montevallo. They're busy getting settled in and getting ready to start school! Heather is pursuing her dream of graduating college, and going back to school this fall. Her classes start tomorrow! Heather was enrolled in school when Austin was born, and due to the care that Austin needed, Heather withdrew from school to focus on Austin. But now Austin is stable and doing well, so they're headed back to school! While Heather is in school, Austin will be going to a local "Mother's Day Out" program at a church in Montevallo. This will be the first time Austin has been in a daycare/preschool type setting, join us in praying that this transition will go smoothly! With Heather and Austin in school, Andy will be working to support them. Pray that he'll be able to find the job that God has for him, and pray for Heather and Austin as they adjust to the new routine ahead of them!

Thanks for journeying with us!!!