Sunday, December 20, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

UAB, Dr. Colvin, & STARBUCKS!

Austin had a check-up with Dr. Colvin yesterday. The appointment went very well- and he was very pleased with how well Austin is doing... he was so pleased that Austin doesn't have to go back to Dr. Colvin until June!!! That is SIX months from now! We were thrilled with the news, and equally thrilled about how well Austin is doing.

Austin was so funny the entire appointment he stayed one step ahead of Dr. Colvin! We walked in the room and Austin was asking for bubbles and candy (two things that are always a part of Austin's visit to this office), he tried to check his own O2, told Dr. Colvin the lights needed to be turned off for the Echo, and helped Dr. Colvin do the Echo! It was one of those moments that again reminded us that this is life for Austin, no matter how well he is doing, his life will always consist of doctors appointments, medicine, and he'll always have his "zipper" scar as a part of him. This is how God made him, and we're honored to be the chosen ones to journey with Austin!

We wrapped up Austin's appointment with a stop at the UAB Starbucks! Austin enjoyed a hot chocolate and is wishing the same to you! Enjoy the cold weather, Christmas season, and be sure to take some time for hot chocolate! Merry Christmas!