Monday, October 5, 2009


Andy, Heather, & Austin made it home tonight safely! They're thrilled to be home, and Austin was looking forward to a nice warm bath in the bathtub and they're all looking forward to a good nights rest in their own beds!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!


Anonymous said...

There's nothing like home sweet home!

Thinking of all of you!
The Voss Family

Cathy said...

So happy to hear you guys are home. Sharon keeps me posted on Austin's progress. Thanks for your prayers for our grandson, Elliot Payne, who also has HLHS. He had his 3rd surgery in June and is doing great. Can't wait to see the progress Austin makes!!

Cathy Alford

Tawny said...

Relieved to hear he's well on the road to recovery and being more like himself. Will continue to pray for 100% recovery!