Tuesday, October 13, 2009

700 cc of fluid!!!

Austin had his drainage tubes reinserted and since has drained over 700 cc of fluid!!! That is ALOT of fluid! (for example, 30 cc equals 1 ounce)... so as you see, this is alot of fluid! As you can imagine, Austin is feeling some relief from the fluid draining and is breathing with much ease.

He is out of ICU and back in a regular room, still with the tube. They will continue to monitor him and the drainage. The Doctor came in this afternoon and warned that we may be looking at a week or so in the hospital, which is discouraging, but at the same time we want what is best for Austin!

Thank you for continuing to pray for Austin, Andy & Heather through this journey. We feel your prayers. Pray that even in moments like now, that God will get the glory!!!


Sharon & Lloyd said...

We are so sorry he has to be back in the hospital, but are glad he's at UAB. We love ya'll and are praying for our little sweetie! Grandmommy and Granddaddy

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Austin will be feeling lots better now that all that fluid is out of his little body!!!

Thinking of you so much....we know that more time in the hospital is frustrating. Give Austin a hug from Daric.

The Voss Family