Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We're good to go for SIX months!

We visited with Dr. Colvin yesterday, and got a green light for the next six months! Dr. Colvin checked us out and said everything looks great! He was thrilled with Austin's growth and how much he is talking! All of the nurses were so excited to see how big he is! Austin is talking up a storm! It was a good visit and we'll head back in March of next year (unless something changes before then).

Dr. Colvin also explained to us that Dr. Knott-Craig (Austin's heart surgeon) has left UAB and is moving to Memphis. He will begin operating there sometime late fall, and chances are that Austin's third surgery will be in Memphis with Dr. Knott-Craig. We were sad to hear that he has moved, but very relieved to hear that Dr. Colvin will send Austin to Memphis for his next surgery. Hopefully that'll be a long time from now, but comforting to know where Austin will go when the time comes.

Thanks for sticking with us and walking this journey! Stay tuned for some picture updates soon!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

on the road to recovery...

Austin is improving- he actually feels great! We got a call this morning from the doctor's office asking us to come back in... Austin's bloodwork from last week came back still having high white blood cell counts and evidence of bacteria in the blood. In other words, his body is fighting an infection somewhere, just not sure exactly where. His pediatrican is treating him with antibiotics and Austin appears to be doing well! Continue to keep him in your prayers!

Also, Austin has a regular checkup with Dr. Colvin (his cardiologist) coming up soon. Stay tuned for that update!