Friday, October 2, 2009

Keep praying!

Austin's heart rate continues to be elevated today. They tried giving him iv drugs last night to bring it down and have tried using the pacemaker this morning. But it continues to be elevated. They are keeping him in ICU for now as they watch him and try to determine the cause of the high heart rate.

He also still has his chest tubes, ivs, and oxygen. Join us in praying for improvement and especially that they can resolve the heart rate issue.

I will update again later on once we know more.


JKRSBP511 said...

Hey guys, our family's praying for ya'll especially for Austin. God is in charge always!! He loves ya'll and is with you always.


Jenn Roop/Porterfield

Anonymous said...

praying for you and andy to have strength and comfort. Praying for austin to recover soon and calmness since I am sure he has a hard time understanding why he is going through this. Praying for wisdom for doctors to figure out why the elevation in heart rate. hugs! amy

shelia said...

Heather you and Andy hang in there.. We are all praying for Austin to get better. Austin is strong and a fighter..Sending all our love and prayers

Love Mom

Matt & Val said...

We will keep all of you guys on our mind till Austin's on the routine to full recovery. We will keep all of our prayers with you and your family.

MarleneSB said...

Still praying here in England too.

Marlene and family

Anonymous said...

We are keeping Austin in our hearts and thoughts!

Love, The Voss Family