Monday, December 31, 2007

Austin is turing ONE! and You're Invited!

Andy, Heather, and Austin would like to invite you to help celebrate Austin's first year of life!!! A year ago next week, we didn't know if Austin would be here in a year, muchless if he would be here for a month. God has truly blessed us with a precious little boy, a little boy who has been a blessing to so many lives!!! We want to celebrate, and would love to have you join us!

What: Austin's 1st Birthday Party
When: Saturday, January 5, 2008 at 2 to 4 p.m.
Where: The Church at Brook Hills, Room #130 (3145 Brook Highland Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35242)

***Be on the lookout for fun birthday pictures coming soon!***

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm growing and into everything!

I am almost crawling! I'm loving life and exploring my world. Christmas is almost here, and I can't wait! Then it'll be my BIRTHDAY!!! In a few weeks I'll be ONE year old! God has blessed my life! And I know I have you to thank! Thank you for being such an important part of my life! Thank you for praying for me!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone! Austin is doing well! He's enjoying life and having a great time with his Daddy and Mommy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm a CUTIE!!!

As you can see... Austin is doing GREAT!!! He's growing and so happy! Austin saw Dr. Colvin (his cardiologist) yesterday, and everything looks great! Dr. Colvin adjusted some of his medicines since Austin has gained weight (he now weighs 18 1/2 lbs!!!), and then said come back in 3 months! We're so happy!
Continue to pray for Andy and Heather as they care for Austin. And pray for Austin, that his health will remain stable. Especially pray for his health over this upcoming cold and flu season, pray that he'll remain healthy! Thank you for all your continued support!!! We wouldn't have made it this far without you. THANK YOU!

Monday, September 10, 2007

pray for SLEEP!

Austin is still struggling with pretty bad acid reflux... and it's keeping him up at night... we've tried several medications, and he still seems to be having a hard time with it. Andy & Heather ask that you join us in praying for Austin as he continues growing, and for their rest! SMILE. The acid reflux and his heart condition are keeping him up several times a night, but at his age, he could be sleeping through the night... join us in continuing to pray for precious baby Austin!

Thank you for continuing to walk this journey with us!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We LOVE to eat our food!

Austin LOVES to eat his baby food! Actually, he prefers to eat his vegetables than his fruit, he's so cute! He went and saw his stomach doctor on Monday, and Dr. King said everything looks great and said come back in 6 months!!! This is such a huge relief for Andy and Heather! They can finally take some time to themselves to enjoy Austin with no regular doctor appointments and Austin is stable!

THANK YOU for your prayers!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eating & Growing!!!

Austin continues to do well! He's eating and growing just as he should be. He enjoys rolling around on the floor, playing in his swing, and jumping in his "jumperoo." He's precious and so full of life!

Monday, July 30, 2007

GREAT news!!!

We saw Dr. Colvin on Friday and Austin is doing GREAT!!! Dr. Colvin took him off Lasix for the fluid, and said, "Come back in mid October!!!" We're thrilled! It'll be so strange not taking Austin to the doctor, but its awesome! Cuz this means he's doing well!

Keep praying for our sweet little boy! He's growing and smiling... so full of LIFE!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

6 months old and doing well!

Austin is 6 months old!!! And he continues to do very well! He's growing, eating, and smiling!

Austin will go back to his cariologist (heart doctor) this Friday for a checkup... pray that all will be well and he'll be cleared for a few months! Stay tuned for updates from Dr. Colvin...

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

14 lbs.

Austin is reaching 14 lbs.! He's eating like a champ! He loves his cereal and veggies!

One of our ongoing prayer requests has been Austin's weight... he needs to keep gaining weight... and he seems to be on the road to doing just that!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

excited to see Dr. Colvin today!

Austin saw Dr. Colvin today... and got a good report. He's doing very well! He is growing so much! And the fluid that was on his left lung is almost completely gone! We're thrilled! Dr. Colvin said, "Come back in 1 month." We've never gone this long without seeing him... but this is great news for us! This means Austin is doing well enough to stay away from Dr. Colvin, smile.

Austin is now eating cereal and vegetables along with his milk... he's a growing boy! We're so proud of him! He's smiling, cooing, and very aware of everything around him. Keep praying that he'll remain stable, and continue growing. We still need him to keep gaining weight... so keep praying! Thank you!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Andy, Happy Father's Day!

This is an old picture... but it shows how far we've come... Andy (and Heather) you've been amazing! Austin will ALWAYS thank you for the love and care you've shown him! And especially for the glory that you've given his Heavenly Father.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

We went to the Doctor yesterday... all is good.

We saw Dr. Colvin yesterday... and received a good report. Austin is doing well. He has a little fluid around his left lung, Dr. Colvin put him back on Lasix, which will help relieve that fluid. It's only a little fluid, and Dr. Colvin isn't concerned. So, we're happy!

Austin continues to do well... he's eating, sleeping, playing, smiling, pooping, and doing all the normal baby things! He even got some new sunglasses yesterday, and looks so cute in his shades! Stay tuned for a picture with the shades... :+)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

Austin went swimming tonight... in the big boy pool! He LOVED it! He kicked and splashed, it was so cute! He's doing so well! Keep praying as he continues to heal from surgery and continues to improve.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Smiling & Eating

Austin is still doing well! He's smiling lots and eating very well!

We're so proud of him for being so strong!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

in the 90s!

Austin's oxygen sats continue to be in the 90s!!! This is a huge difference from what it was before surgery. He's doing so well! He's even eating better! Before surgery he was averaging between 2-3 oz. per feeding, and now is averaging between 4-5 oz. and occasionally will even eat 6 oz.!!! Austin saw his cardiologist, Dr. Colvin, yesterday. Dr. Colvin said everything looks great and that they'd see him again in 2 weeks!

Austin is much more alert and smiling tons! It's a great feeling for us all to see him doing so well.

Keep praying! God has truly blessed our request! Thank you for playing a part in God's blessing!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Austin is HOME!!!

Dr. Knott-Craig came in this afternoon, checked on Austin, and said he could go home! So early this evening, Austin was discharged from UAB! He's at home asleep in his own bed!

We're all amazed at the fact that 4 days after surgery, Austin is at home resting comfortably! His oxygen sats are averaging in the 90s, he's eating great, he's smiling and cooing, and sleeping like normal. He's doing so well!

He'll have a follow up appointment with his cardiologist on Tuesday, stay tuned for more updates.

one of our HEROs!

Austin's hero: Dr. Knott-Craig.

Austin has gained many heros along his journey called life... one of those is Dr. Knott-Craig. Dr. KC is Austin's heart surgeon, he's an AMAZING doctor!

Austin's ultimate hero, Jesus Christ, definitely blessed us with an amazing doctor, and an amazing community of believers to encourage us along the way. THANK YOU!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

GREAT night!

Austin had a great night last night... he slept well, had a little pain medicine and slept some more. Smile. He's also continuing to eat well, which is very encouraging! We're so proud of the little fella! Keep praying!

Side note: please continue praying for Austin's friend Daric. Daric has some fluid build up around his lungs from surgery... pray for Daric and his family. They mean a lot to us, and would appreciate your prayers!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Out of CICU... in a room!!!

Austin was transfered out of CICU today and into a regular room! He continues to do very well!

Keep praying!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

smiles for Dr. Knott-Craig

Austin is doing GREAT!!!

We walked in to see him this afternoon and he was wide awake! He looked at us and cooed at us, it was precious! But we couldn't get him to smile at us, then Dr. Knott-Craig walked in, said a few things to Austin, and there it was! Austin had plenty of smiles for Dr. Knott-Craig! It was PRECIOUS!!!

Austin's chest tubes came out today, his arterial line (IV) came out, and he is weaned off most of his meds. They're only giving him pain medicine as needed, and Austin is doing well! Austin is also breathing room air (this means, no additional oxygen)!!! He may still need some oxygen off and on during the next few days, but when we left today, he was off for now. We're so proud of him!

Dr. Knott-Craig plans to move Austin out of CICU tomorrow, and into a regular room... this is a huge step!

Keep praying!!! And be sure to give God the GLORY for all he's doing in and through Austin's life!

off the ventilator, and awake!

Austin is off the ventilator and doing very well! He's also awake! He's doing GREAT!

We'll get to visit him at 1 today... I'll update again after our visit.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

to God be ALL the Glory!!!

Austin is out of surgery and doing well. Austin was in surgery for almost 4 hours, and Dr. Knott-Craig was pleased with the surgery. He did the entire surgery without putting Austin on the heart & lung bypass machine. This was amazing!!!

As of tonight, Austin is stable and in CICU (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit). He'll be in CICU for a few days, then go to a regular room.

We give God ALL the glory for Austin's progress today! Thank you for all of your prayers and support. It means so much to us!

Currently, we're asking you to pray for Austin as he continues to recover, and specifically for the drainage from his chest tubes, for his vitals to remain stable, and for him as he rests. Pray for Andy & Heather as they rest tonight at home. Pray God will give them the rest they need and strength for tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Surgery Info.

Austin's surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. We're told the surgery should begin sometime between 11 a.m. and 12 noon. I'll do my best to update tomorrow afternoon once Austin is out of surgery. The surgery should last appx. 3 hours.

Austin has done well today. His sats dropped some this morning, but have been stable most of the afternoon and evening. Pray that he'll rest well tonight, and that Andy & Heather get some rest.

Stay tuned for surgery updates tomorrow afternoon.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Austin is in the hospital; a change of plans...

Austin's O2 sats dropped again today... and his cardiologist decided he wanted to see Austin in the doctor's office. They checked his oxygen and heart and made the decision to admit him to the hospital. He is currently in the hospital at UAB and on oxygen. The extra oxygen seems to be helping him and he's somewhat better now than he was earlier today.

Also, Austin's surgery has been moved up. He will have surgery this coming Wednesday, May 16th. It was originally scheduled for late next week, but he can't wait that long. His surgery will be this Wednesday morning.

Stay tuned for further updates, spread the word. And more importantly, KEEP PRAYING!!! Specifically, pray for Austin, pray for him to remain stable. He's also trying to recover from a bad head cold and cough, pray he'll be well enough for surgery. Pray for Andy & Heather, pray for them to have the strength they need for this week. Pray they'll face the coming days with peace. Pray for Dr. Knott-Craig and his team as they prepare for Austin's surgery.

(these pictures were taken today at UAB)

Happy Mother's Day!

Austin: "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy! I love you!"

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A few ups and downs...

The past few days have been rough... Austin has had a few ups and downs...

His O2 stats (oxygen levels) dropped on Friday to very low levels, they were back up Friday evening, but still it was a scary day. Then over the weekend he as run a low grade fever and seems to have a cold/cough. Join us in praying that he'll heal quickly without any major stress on his heart.

He's also still having a hard time eating. We're meeting with Austin's GI doctor soon to discuss putting in a feeding tube. This is the last route we want to go, but also know that Austin needs to eat and grow. Pray for wisdom and peace as we approach this decision.

Austin's 2nd open heart surgery has been scheduled for Thursday, May 24th. Join us in praying for this day. God's word says:

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

4 oz.

Austin appears to be eating better today. He usually averages 3 oz. each feeding, but several times today he's taken 4 oz.! Guess he's making up for lost time, smile.

Keep praying for his appetite to increase and for him to eat more consistently.

a night in the ER...

After only eating 3 oz. in 18 hours... Austin ended up in the ER tonight... it was a long night, and he seems to be doing better now. Doctors don't really know what caused him to not eat... he didn't become dehydrated and they couldn't find anything else going on... so they discharged him. He seems to be eating a little better now.

Join me in praying that Austin's appetite will stay strong and that he'll continue to eat well!!! We're praying for no more set backs!

On another note, Austin's friend, Daric, is doing well. He came out of surgery yesterday and off the ventilator soon after being in recovery. He's a strong little guy. Please continue praying for Daric and for his family. Thank you!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

New pictures: Austin

These two pictures were taken last Thursday at UAB... the day of Austin's heart cath. While Austin was recovering from the heart cath surgery, we put him in a wagon at UAB and pulled him around the Pediatric Heart Unit... we all needed the break. smile. Austin continues to do well recovering from the surgery, and he is already back to his old self.

Thank you for praying!

Daric, Austin's friend...

God has brought some amazing people into our lives through Austin's story, and one of those is a little boy... Daric. Daric and his family are from Kansas, and are currently in Birmingham preparing for Daric's third open-heart surgery. Daric also has Hypoplastic Left Heart.

We met Daric's family through this blog and have continued to stay in touch with them, it's been neat to see how God has intertwined our lives together!

Tomorrow morning, at 7 a.m., Daric will undergo open-heart surgery, please take some time to pray for Daric, for Dr. Knott-Craig, and for Daric's family!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Heart Cath. went VERY well!!!

Austin had his heart cath yesterday, and all went very well! I think the hardest part was comforting him before the cath... he was so hungry and we couldn't feed him... and he let us know that he was hungry... not later, but NOW... smile.

He came through the cath very strongly, and the doctor was very pleased with all that he saw. They didn't have to balloon any arteries and only did their "research" to get ready for the second surgery. We were thrilled!

Austin napped most of the afternoon yesterday at the hospital, took a bottle, and spent time recovering from surgery. The doctor discharged him early yesterday evening and he is at home resting.

We're so proud of him... he did so well!

Thank you for your prayers and support, they were felt yesterday... it got us through the day. Thank you!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday, April 29, 2007

the MILK baby!

Austin appears to be doing a little better. He's eating better now and improving from Thursday last week. Keep praying! Pray that he'll continue to be interested in eating... we need a little "milk piggie." Smile.

Remember, this Thursday is his heart catherization. He'll be admitted to the hospital at 6 a.m. with the catherization beginning around 8:30 and lasting appx. 1-2 hours. Pray for Austin, and for Andy & Heather. Austin will probably have to spend the night in the hospital, pray he recovers well!

Sometime Friday or the first part of next week we'll know when Austin's second surgery is scheduled... stay tuned for updates.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pray... Austin needs to eat!

Austin hasn't eaten since 3 a.m. last night... please join us in praying!

Pray that he doesn't become hydrated, and especially join us in praying that he'll eat!

Stay tuned for an update.

Friday, April 20, 2007

the Doctor said...

Austin had his two appointments this week, and both were good appointments.

On Tuesday, he saw his cardiologist (heart doctor). Dr. Colvin is still very pleased with Austin's progress and we are closely approaching his second surgery. On May 3rd, Austin will have a heart catherization done to look at his heart, possilby open up an artery, and take some pictures of his heart to prepare for the second surgery. Then sometime around the middle of May, Austin will have his surgery. Please begin praying now for his heart catherization and for the surgery. Pray for peace and comfort for Andy & Heather, and especiallly for Austin.

Then on Wednesday, Austin saw the GI (stomach doctor). Dr. King was amazing! We were very pleased with him and all he helped us with. He isn't very worried about Austin's bloody stools. He says they're related to a milk protein intolerance, and Austin is outgrowing it, so Dr. King isn't worried about it and says they will go away. If Austin were younger, he might would change something, but since he is 3 1/2 months old, Dr. King says it'll go away. Andy & Heather agreed with Dr. King since Austin hasn't had any bloody stools over the past two weeks. Yay!!! This was a huge praise for us!

Now, our main concern with the GI doctor is helping Austin eat better and increase his appetite. Dr. King has changed some of his reflux medication and next week Austin will have a GI test done. Pray for Austin on Monday as he undergoes some GI testing, pray that Dr. King will be able to find a solution to helping Austin eat better. The tests will be done on Monday, then Austin will see Dr. King again on Wednesday. Pray that all will go well. Especially since we're approaching surgery and would like to have Austin's stomach issues behind us.

I know I say this a lot, but THANK YOU for all your prayers! This wouldn't be possible without your support! Thank you! It means a lot to us to know that so many people are going before the throne on our behalf. Our God is amazing! Thank you for loving us because of Him.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We're going to the doctor today...

Reminder... we're headed to the cardiologist (heart doctor) today... pray for the Doctor's wisdom as we discuss a possible surgery date and check on Austin's progress.

Also, remember, Austin has an appointment tomorrow with a GI (stomach doctor).

Pray that all will go well with both appointments.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Monday, April 9, 2007

Keep praying for Austin to eat well!

Happy Easter!

Austin had a good day yesterday celebrating our RISEN KING!!!

He is eating well, but still has a hard time sometimes. Join us in praying that he'll eat well and continue to grow. He has gained some weight over the last week, which is good! But we need him to continue gaining... keep praying.

Austin is also still having some problems with blood in his stools, he will go next week to see a special stomach (GI) doctor. Join us in praying that this doctor will be able to figure out the problem, also pray that once we know whats wrong, we'll be able to treat it.

Austin has two big doctors appointments next week, one on Tuesday with his cardiologist, we'll probably begin discussing his second surgery next week, pray for the doctors to have wisdom and for Andy and Heather to have a peace about the journey ahead. Also, pray for Austin's doctors appointment on Wednesday with the GI doctor, pray that all will go well!

Stay tuned... updated pictures coming soon!


I recently received this poem from a HLHS mother. It's been such a BLESSING to see how God has brought various people into our lives through Austin's journey. It has greatly enriched our lives and made this journey all the better! Thank you!


It's a beautiful day up in heaven. Jesus is rounding up his tiniest angels, to go live on earth, and be born. One of the sweetest angels says to Jesus "I don't want to leave, I like it here, and I will miss you." He reassures the scared little angel that everything will be okay, and that the angel is just going for a visit. The little angel is still not swayed on this idea. So Jesus kneels down, and says, "How about if you leave half of your heart here with me and take the other half with you, will that be okay?" The angel smiles and says, "I guess that will work." But the little angel is still a little scared. He asks, "Will I be okay with only half of my heart?" Jesus replies, "Of course you will, I have other angels there that will help you out, and you will be fine." Then Jesus gives the angel more details about His plan. He says, "When you are born, your mommy will be scared, so you have to be strong, and when you feel weak just remember that I have the other half of your heart." "Enjoy your time with your family, play and laugh everyday." "And when its time to come back to heaven, I will make your heart whole again. Always remember that you are not broken, just torn between two loves."

Austin is our little angel sent to us with half a heart... but so comforting to remember that God has Austin's whole heart in His hand and is in control of it all! What a peace to know that its in our Father's hand!

Thank you for walking this journey with us.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Austin, it's time to eat...

Austin had another follow up appointment with his heart doctor yesterday. He continues to do well and is apporaching time for the second surgery. He will have one more appointment in mid April then they'll discuss when to do the second surgery. So we're guessing his surgery will be sometime in May. Pray that Austin will remain strong between now and then and pray for Andy & Heather as they prepare to relive the journey of surgery and hospital stays. It's been so nice to have Austin at home and it's hard to look ahead knowing what is coming. Join me in praying for them!

Also, join us in praying for Austin's appetite. He isn't eating as well as he has been before, and we really want him to be gaining weight and eating better. Pray that his appetite will increase and he'll be our little piggie, eating all the time! Smile.

Thank you for joining us for this journey. It's definitely been an amazing ride and we're excited to see where God takes us next!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Austin had a good weekend last weekend at grandma and grandpa's house. These pictures were taken there. Enjoy!

Austin is growing so much!!! It brings tears to my eyes! Such a blessing! Words can't describe what a blessing Austin has been to so many people! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see all that God will do with his life.

Keep praying!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

No news... is GOOD news!

Austin continues to well! I know I say that a lot lately, but that's exactly what we want to hear!

Austin spends most of his time smiling, eating, pooping, sleeping, playing with Mommy & Daddy, and hanging out at home. He's loving it!

Join me in continuing to pray for little Austin, for Andy, and for Heather. Pray that God will continue to strengthen them for this journey. Pray that God would give them guidance as they face Austin's second surgery in the coming months. Pray that all in Austin's life would continue to sense God's presence and blessing as God continues to use Austin's life in a very powerful way all across the globe!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm gonna get you!

Growing and growing!

Austin continues to do well! He's had a GREAT week! He's eating well and almost sleeping through the night! He only wakes up one time to eat, then goes back to sleep! We're so proud of him!

He's visiting with grandparents this weekend, and I'm sure he'll be spoiled! But hey, thats what grandparents are for! Smile. Pray that he'll do well on his first road trip, we know he will.

New pictures are coming soon... be sure to check them out! They're cute!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

2 months old today!

Austin is 2 months old today! Happy Birthday Austin! We're so proud of you! You're a strong little guy! You've come so far! We praise God for you each and every day!


"Happy!"... Dr. Colvin said he was very happy with Austin's checkup today. He continues to be very pleased with his progress. And we're just as pleased! Austin is doing well.

Austin will head back to Dr. Colvin's for another check up in three weeks. Pray that he'll continue to do well.

Also join us in praying that Austin will continue to eat and grow. He's not been very interested in eating the last few days, he's only been eating half the ammount that he normally eats, and he lost a few ounces. This afternoon his appetite seems to be back to normal. Pray that this will continue. We need him to eat well... pray that he'll do this.

Continue praying for Andy & Heather. Pray that they will rest well and have the strength needed to care for Austin as well as carry out their normal routine.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

3 weeks

Austin has now been at home for 3 weeks, and continues to do very well! He enjoys all the normal baby things: eating, sleeping, and pooping. Smile. He also enjoys smiling at his Mommy & Daddy, playing on his play mat, and swinging.

Austin has an appointment with his heart doctor this week. Pray that all will be well and he'll continue to make good progress.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

handsome Austin

Austin's kidney tests were done yesterday. We don't have the official results back yet, but the nurse who did the test said she didn't see anything wrong. Pray that this will be true and we'll get a good report from the doctor.

Here are a few new pictures of Austin for you to enjoy!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Austin's kidney test...

Pray for Austin today. He's having some tests done on his kidneys. They're trying to find the cause of his Urinary Tract Infection that he had last week and make sure there aren't any other problems with his kidneys. Pray that the doctors will find nothing wrong. Pray that Austin will do well through the tests. Pray for Andy & Heather as they go through the day today.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Austin is doing so well!

Austin has had a GREAT week! It's been so good for him to actually be home, get into a routine, and enjoy his Mommy & Daddy 24 hours a day, with no nurses poking around him. Smile.

The good news is that he's eating very well the past few days! This is huge! We're so proud of him! Pray that he'll continue to eat well and stay healthy. Pray for Andy & Heather as they enjoy every moment they have with Austin. Pray for their ease of mind as they continue to give Austin all of his medicines, check his heart rate, oxygen levels, and etcetra. Pray that God will continue to give Andy, Heather, and Austin all the strength they need.

As I've said before, Thank you for all your continued prayers and support. It definitely makes life a lot easier knowing that we have all of you praying for us. Thank you!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Loving it at home!

Austin looks so cozy in his warm giraffe outfit! And he even got a little tummy time yesterday. It's such a blessing to finally have him home!

Couldn't ask for any better!

"I couldn't ask for any better!"... these were the doctor's exact words today. The doctor was very please with Austin's progress and how his heart looked today! Yay... he's a fighter! He's doing well!

Keep praying!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

at home...and loving it!

Austin is loving being at home, and his Mommy & Daddy are loving it even more!

Austin continues to do well. Keep praying for him, and for Andy & Heather.

Austin has a routine doctor's appointment tomorrow morning with his cardiologist. Pray that all will be well. We're trusting that it will.

Thank you for your continued prayer and encouragement!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Home Sweet Home, Part 2

Austin is home! Austin was discharged from UAB this morning, and is doing well at home this afternoon! Andy & Heather are thrilled to have him home! And Austin is enjoying being at home as well! Pray that they'll have an uneventful week and things will continue to go well.

Austin has a few doctor's appointments this week, pray that they'll all go well and doctors will be pleased with his progress. Also, please remember to be praying for his kidneys and the test being done on his kidneys this week.

Going Home (Again) Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the magic day! Austin will be discharged tomorrow morning. He'll go home on antibiotics to continue treating his urinary tract infection (UTI) and to help make sure he gets well. His appetite seems to be better now, and he looks great. The sore on his arm is still healing, but looks a lot better than a week ago.

We have a huge praise to share! Austin's paralysis in his face is improving!!! He is now responding to touch when we touch that side of his face, and he's able to move his left eye more than before. This tells us that the damaged nerve is healing and he's doing well! It isn't healed completely, but it's showing improvement, keep praying!

In relation to Austin's UTI, one of his kidneys seems to be larger than the other. This could be temporary and caused by the UTI, but doctors aren't sure. Austin will go this week for a test at the doctor's office that will help us know more about exactly whats going on with his kidneys. Let's pray that when Austin goes to the doctor they find nothing wrong with his kidneys. Let's even pray that the UTI is gone and they can't see any difference between his two kidneys. God, we know you can do this! We trust you!

Continue praying for Andy & Heather. Especially, let's be praying for Heather. She ended up in the ER this week with an infection and very high temperature. This is a very stressful time right now for them with Austin in and out of the hospital; life is very stressful right now. This is taking it's toll on Andy & Heather. They're both doing amazingly well, and it's because of your prayers. Don't stop, keep lifting them up before the throne of grace.

We look forward to the day in a few years when we can look back at this journey and see all that God is bringing us through. It is our desire and prayer that God receive all the glory for everything He is doing in and through Austin's life.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

We hope to be back at home this weekend

Austin continues to do well, and Andy & Heather are also doing better. There is light at the end of the tunnel and this is encouraging for us all.

Austin is responding to antibiotics and seems to be doing well. His appetite is lower than usual due to the medications, but he's still eating and gaining weight, this is good!

The goal for tomorrow is that his IV will come out and hopefully he can go home this weekend. The sore on his arm is healing some, it's still an open sore, but the redness is gone, this is a good sign of healing. The doctors have found an urinary tract infection which is also being treated by antibiotics, and should be gone soon.

Thank you for praying! The little guy is hanging in there!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hanging in there...

Austin is still at UAB, but he continues to do well. Doctors still aren't sure exactly what's going on with his right arm, but they're treating him with antibiotics and keeping a close eye on him. As of right now, the doctors believe they'll be able to send him home in a few days.

Pray that Austin will stay strong and his arm will start to heal.

Austin is back in the hospital

Austin was discharged on Sunday and spent some precious time at home with his Mommy & Daddy on Sunday afternoon and Sunday night. Then on Monday his sore on his right arm got worse, and his stats dropped some. They visited the doctor, and ended up in the ER late Monday afternoon. Austin was transported from Shelby Hospital and ended up back at UAB.

He is currently in the NICU at UAB, and doctors want to keep him for a few more days. They're trying to treat his arm and figure out if it's infected or just scar tissue from where an IV was in his arm during surgery.

Pray that Andy & Heather, pray for their strength! Pray for little Austin, pray he'll remain strong. He is doing very well right now, except for his arm, so pray he'll continue to do well. Pray for doctors as they try to figure out exactly what is going on with his arm.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

It's official! Austin was discharged from UAB today! He's home! Pray that he'll adjust to being at home and settle in. It'll be very different for him being at home from being in the NICU at UAB. Pray for Andy & Heather that they'll be able to treasure every miniute! Pray that Austin will remain healthy and continue to recover from his surgery.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

One more day...

One more day, and Austin should be at home with his Mommy & Daddy! We're so excited! Pray that he'll have a great night tonight and everything will go smooth tomorrow. I'll update tomorrow afternoon once Austin is home safe and sound.

Keep praying... your prayers are felt here!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Pray for Sunday

No more IV!!! Austin had his IV removed today and is doing very well! He has had a great day! And he's enjoyed getting to have more milk and enjoy his Mommy and Daddy without so many wires hooked up to him. Smile. The magic day is Sunday, as of right now Austin will be discharged from the hosptial on Sunday. For the first time in his little precious life, he'll be able to leave the hospital and head home sweet home with his Mommy & Daddy.

Pray that no more complications will arise, and that Austin can be discharged on Sunday. Andy & Heather are afraid to get their hopes up, incase Austin can't go home on Sunday. Let's join them in praying that they can take their sweet baby boy home Sunday!

Please remember once they're home we still need to be very careful about visitors. (See the note below about visitors)

Austin LOVES his milk!

Austin is doing so well taking his bottle! Yay! They're still only giving him a little milk at a time, but he always wants more! Our goal today is that he can come back off the IV and have more milk!

A funny story to of 10 p.m. last night Austin hadn't pooped in almost 24 hours and the nurse told us that when the doctors came around they'd probably give him a supository to help his bowels move. The doctors were checking on the baby beside us and all of the sudden Austin pooped in his diaper! We all laughed saying that Austin heard the doctors coming and didn't want the supository so he pooped in his diaper! It gave us all a good laugh!

Continue to pray that Austin will improve. Pray that he can come off the IV fluids today and increase his bottle feedings. Pray that he won't have any more blood in his poo-poo, and if it does continue, pray that they can find the cause. Also, remember to continue praying for Andy & Heather.

God is using Austin in a mighty way, he is already such a blessing to us all. Thank you for being a part of his life through prayer!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Andy!

It's Andy's birthday! Austin says, Happy Birthday Daddy!

Austin is having a pretty good day today. He was finally able to have a bottle today, it was only a little bit of milk, but its helping build his stomach back up. Pray that he'll be able to tolerate the milk and continue to be able to have more as he builds his strength. Pray that Andy & Heather are able to relax and enjoy today.

Monday, February 5, 2007

We've had a stable day so far...

So far today Austin is doing well. He's still in the incubator and they're still trying to stabilize his medicines. But hopefully in a couple of days he can go back to the crib and will be stable enough to think about going home soon.

Andy & Heather were finally able to hold Austin again today! This is healing for everyone: Daddy, Mommy, and Austin! Smile.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Visiting Austin

Andy & Heather have asked that I share a few things regarding Austin having visitors. Right now while he is in the hospital he isn't really able to have many visitors other than Mommy & Daddy, smile.

But once he goes home we need to be extra careful about visitors. Austin must stay well so he can have the second surgery on time. This means that Andy & Heather must protect their home and keep it a healthy clean environment. I ask that you please respect them and do not visit unless Andy & Heather say it's okay.

Austin cannot have any sick visitors, even a small minor cold could make Austin very sick, so please please be sure that you are germ free. Also, we have to be very careful with Austin being exposed to cigarette smoke. We don't want to mess up anything to do with his heart, making him weak, or postpoining his second surgery. Please please respect this. I know it is hard, we all want to visit baby Austin and love on him, but we must respect his health right now.

Remember, please please contact Andy & Heather before you visit them, and make sure it's a good time to visit. This applies to when they're in the hospital, and even when they go home. We have to be very careful!!! Also, when you visit, be prepared to wash your hands very good. We want to keep Austin as healthy as possible, so he can be strong and ready to face surgery #2 in a few months.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding! It means a lot! Thank you!

Austin had a few small setbacks...

Once again, it's been an up an down weekend... originally the doctors said Austin would get to go home on Sunday (today), but then some things changed, and now they're waiting to see how he will improve.

Austin is back in an incubator and had some blood in his bowels over the weekend, they believe it is being caused by an infection. And they're treating him for the infection. He also still has an irregular heartbeat. Dr. Knott-Craig came by and saw Austin yesterday, he has changed some of his meds and we're hoping this will make a difference.

Andy and Heather are so ready to be settled at home. This constant up and down roller coaster is taking its toll on them, continue to pray for Andy & Heather, and especially for Austin. We want him healthy, but would also love to have him home!

Keep praying!!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

No news is good news!

Austin is the same... he's doing really well. He enjoys looking around in his crib, checking out his toys. And especially enjoys looking around at people. He's very alert and aware of those around him, it's so cute! Doctors continue to adjust his medications and regulate his stats. Hopefully he'll be home in a few days.

Keep praying! Austin is doing well!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Austin in his crib

Austin continues to do well. He's had a good day today. This picture was taken tonight, he looks so cute in his crib!

Austin is almost home...

Austin's nurse told us today, that they're hoping to be able to send Austin home at the end of this week. We're so excited! Join us in praying that Austin will continue to improve. Pray that he'll be able to go home sometime at the end of this week.

He's officially in a crib in NICU, instead of the incubator, and he is doing well. He's taking his bottle just like he should, and he is doing very well! We're so encouraged by his progress.

Note, even after Austin goes home, this website will continue to be updated on his growth and journey. His journey isn't ending by him going home, it's only beginning. He has two more surgeries ahead of him, and a long road ahead. Keep praying.

Stay tuned for more Austin updates this week!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Paralysis in Austin's face...

Andy & Heather have asked that I share this news with you, so that you can join us in praying that Austin's facial paralysis will heal...

A few days ago, we started to become concerned about what appeared to be paralysis in Austin's face. The left side of his face looks normal most of the time, it only looks different when he is crying or drinking his bottle. We asked Dr. Carlo, and he checked it out, he was also concerned. Our fears were right, Austin has partial paralysis on the left side of his face. It is only in his face, and is caused by some nerve damage, but they're unsure how it happened. It could have been caused by one of the IVs in his head, or some swelling prior to surgery. Austin is scheduled to have a MRI later this week, the MRI should show us where the nerve damage is, and how serious it is. The doctors say usually this type of paralysis is temporary and will go away as the nerve heals.

Pray that Austin's nerve damage isn't permanent, and pray that the nerve will heal sooner and not later. We know God can heal Austin of this... join us in praying!

Austin had an up & down weekend, but is doing well!

Austin is doing well today. He had an up and down weekend, but is doing better today. Over the course of the weekend his feeding tube had to be put back in, and he went back to a warmer bed (which was a step back down from the isolette bed). He also now has an infection on his left arm that caused some concern yesterday. Doctors were afraid that it had spread to his heart, but after some tests, the results came back that his heart was okay. Everything appeared to be working the way they want it to be in his heart, and they're now treating the infection in his arm with antibiotics. He also had a very fussy afternoon yesterday, and finally fell asleep on Heather, while she was holding him. And he slept on her for several hours. It was so sweet! And was great bonding time for Heather and Austin, this was the longest ammount of time she has ever held him, she loved it!

Today Austin's feeding tube came out, and they've also stopped all of his IV fluids. He's getting enough milk and eating well enough that they decided he can do without the IV! Yay!!! He is also doing well maintaining his own body temperature, so they're talking about moving him to a "crib."

Pray that they'll be able to move him to a crib and that he'll continue to maintain his own body temperature. Pray that he'll continue to eat well. And especially pray that the infection in his arm won't spread any where else in his body, especially not his heart.

Hopefully I can get some new pictures tonight, keep checking! Smile.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Austin had a good day! Yay!

Austin has had a good day today. His feeding tube is out, and he is officially taking a bottle! We're so proud of him! His heart rate has remained stable today, but he is also still on the medicine from last night.

Pray that he'll continue to do well and continue to improve. The next thing we're working towards is Austin maintaining/keeping his body temperature at a good temp. Once he can maintain his own body temp then they'll move him to a regular newborn "crib" in the NICU. This would be a huge step for Austin. Pray that over the next week he'll be able to do that. Also, pray for Austin's heart rate to remain stable, and hopefully he can come off the heart rate medication soon.