Monday, September 28, 2009

We're headed to Memphis

We are on the way to Memphis now Pray for us that everything goes well. Austin is currently looking at a picture of Dr. Knott-Craig (his surgeon). The picture is of Dr. KC holding Austin when he was a baby. We told Austin that Dr. KC will fix you up and make your heart stronger. And also give you your "third zipper" (scar).

Austin is also showing a face of uncertainty because he sees us being so emotional. We are ready to get this done and move on with our lives. We have been under different difficult weathers and seasons up to now. Heather and I are not ready to see how much Austin will have to suffer for this operation. Its more harder for us to accept knowing Austin does not understand pain's purpose in our lives. Suffering is a powerful tool from God to help us understand that we need God.

May we live one day at a time, and praise God in every second of it!

-Andy, Heather, and Austin

Austin's surgery is scheduled first thing tomorrow morning. I'll be sure to keep the blog as updated as possible- so stay tuned for updates. We really appreciate your prayers and support! Thank you!


Bethany said...

hey! we will be praying for austin tomorrow morning and today. i will be anxious for updates. i can imagine that this has to be very emotional. i'm so thankful that our God is big and he knows exactly how to take care of us. :)

mina said...

I will be praying for Austin. Dr. Knott-Craig is the best!

Anonymous said...

We are praying for austin. Trust God. He knows best! Looking forward to updates!
Love you!
Dawn, Larry, Josh, Kelli Jane, Kayla, and Landon

Anonymous said...

Prayers from the Voss Family...