Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's a new day and a PINK Austin!

Austin had a great night. He slept well and has already had several IVs disconnected this morning. He also got to sit up in bed briefly this morning and even try to use the potty! We're all very encoraged by how well he is doing.

He still has his chest tubes (for drainage) and will probably have them through tomorrow. If he continues to do well tonight they may will move him out of the critical care unit at some point tomorrow.

I will update again later on this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful....we'll keep praying for a healthy recovery!

Hugs to all from the Voss Family!

MarleneSB said...

I could have cried with happiness to read this. Little Max goes on the same journey in a few days and it gives us a lot of hope to hear this. Thank you for the updates.

Tony and Wanda Miller said...
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