Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One small step back and leaps forward!

Austin is doing so well!!! He truly has shown himself to be our hero this week! What an amazing little boy with such a great spirit!

This afternoon Austin had a slight reaction to some medication he was given. The rash lasted off and on most of the afternoon but seems under control tonight. He was also not having as much urine output as they wanted, thus had to reinsert the Foley catheter. But even with these minor set backs this afternoon, Austin is doing really well!

Heather was able to hold him some this afternoon and Austin especially enjoyed that. He was also able to enjoy a snack of Goldfish crackers and juice to then be followed by a great meal tonight. This was the first he has eaten since surgery but is handling it well.

After a little Disney Cars movie thus evening, Austin is now resting well.

Be praying for him tomorrow as they remove his chest / drainage tubes. Pray they'll also be able to remove the catheter for good and even begin to wean him off oxygen. As these things happen tomorrow there is a great chance he'll be transfered to a regular room! I'll be sure to keep you updated, and will also try to post some pictures from today. So stay tuned!!!


Anonymous said...


We are sending lots of hugs to you today and hoping that your recovery continues to progress forward!!!

Lots of Love to all!
The Voss Family

Tony and Wanda Miller said...

Glad to hear that Austin is doing well, we wish we could have spent the whole week there, but it was great to be with y'all the day of surgery. Many people were praying for Austin and he may never a lot of those people.