Tuesday, July 21, 2009

September 29... that's the day!

Austin's third surgery has been scheduled, we'll head to Memphis, and Austin's surgery will be on Tuesday, September 29th. As I'm sure you can imagine, we have mixed feelings about this surgery. It doesn't get any easier handing him over to a surgeon, much less a heart surgeon, even if it is the third time. The encouraging part is knowing this should be his last heart surgery for some time!

As I think back to January 8, 2007 when Austin was diagnosed with HLHS and we were told he'd need a series of three surgeries, I don't think we really knew what to expect when this time came. How could we? And the many nights Austin fought for his life in the NICU, it was hard to imagine an abundance of energy and life. Austin is FULL of energy, life, joy, curiosity, smiles, and love. He's an amazing little boy, and we're so grateful for his chance at life!

Join us as we pray for Austin as we being to prepare him for his next hospital stay, pray for his doctors and for the team we'll be working with in Memphis. Pray that he'll remain healthy over the next few weeks leading up to his surgery. And even more specifically for his time in Memphis at the end of September.

We'll be sure to update more as we know more details... start praying!


Sharon & Lloyd said...

We love you, Austin, and are praying earnestly EVERY day for you. Love, Grandmommy and Granddaddy

Hua said...

Hello AJ,

I will start sending all my prayers for Austin. What a strong boy!

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Cynthia Frey said...

What a cutie Austin is! He reminds me so much of how Andy looked as a youngster but I haven't seen your baby pictures so he may also look like you did. Smile. I'm so glad Austin is over 2/3 of the way done with the surgeries the doctors predicted when he was a newborn. "Dear Lord, thank you for the life that Austin is leading and for his wonderful parents. Help everyone to have the knowledge and wisdom to know what to do. Give them hope, faith, and endurance to get through this next surgery. Help Austin to get through it with flying colors. We know you love him even more than his family. Amen."

Shannon and Steve said...

What a trooper! I found your blog through facebook. I hope you don't mind that I leave you a comment. I worked in the cardiology department at our children's hospital here in Utah. It was so hard for me to see our patients and get attatched to them and have something bad happen. It's so great to see Little Austin doing so well! He's come so far. Good luck with surgeries and anything else that comes up. Prayers for you and your family, but especially for Austin!

Josh Bruffey said...

Hey Andy and Heather,

Praying for that beautiful boy and for the two of you. As well as the doctors and hospital staff.

Elizabeth and I think of you all often.


Anonymous said...

We are sending lots of love to you Austin!

Love, The Voss Family

Kris said...

Hey Andersons, we will pray for you as this will be mixed feelings for this surgery. God bless your heart. From Kris and Barbi

MarleneSB said...

Praying for your little Austin today over here in England. Our little grandson Max (4) is due for his third procedure on October 12th and it's scary.