Friday, March 13, 2009

Lollipops, ipods, books, and more!

We saw Dr. Colvin yesterday, and had quite the fun keeping Austin entertained! After a lollipop, reading books, playing with toys, watching cartoons on the ipod, and lots of screams, we were finally cleared to go! Austin did well and Dr. Colvin didn't see anything that caused any concern. He said Austin's heart looks like it should, but he did go ahead and schedule a heart catherization for June. Dr. Colvin is thinking Austin will have his third surgery (Fontan) sometime within the year. We'll know more after his cath in June.
We talked with Dr. Colvin about Austin's "blueness" and he really feels like Austin's heart looks okay. Last Friday, Austin had an episode where he dazed out, became very dizzy, blue from head to toe, coughing, and couldn't catch his breath. Of course, it scared Andy & Heather, it only lasted about 5 minutes, but was enough to prompt concern. Dr. Colvin has issued Austin an event monitor to keep with him for the next month or so as we watch for further episodes. As these episodes arise, the monitor will record a small ekg and send the information on to Dr. Colvin. We hope and pray Austin won't have another one, but if he does, we pray that Dr. Colvin will be able to see what is going on with his heart. As of right now, we're thinking it has something to do with an irregular heart rhythm. Join us as we continue to pray for Austin's health, especially his heart, and his overall health as we approach his cath in June, and third surgery.

We truly truly appreciate your continued support and prayers! I know we say this often, but it means more than you know! As we were leaving Dr. Colvin's office yesterday (at UAB), we walked down the NICU hallway and by the RNICU. It brought back many bitter sweet memories of Austin's time there. They had an empty isolette bed in the hall, and we stood there with Austin for just a minute talking about the many hours we spent watching and wondering through the plastic. Austin has come a long way! He has fought more than most of us will ever fight in our lives, and has much more to fight. Thank you for walking this journey with us!!!

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The Austins said...

That child blesses my life every time I see him. God is so faithful and such a wonderful Father. Andy and Heather (and their interpreter) have worked and fought so hard for this awesome little boy, and we are all so humbled by your faithfulness to Austin and to our Heavenly Father. Keep up the good fight of faith.